Tools: JavaScript, HTML, CSS

WebDev is responsible for creating websites at PSIL. Usually the websites are for the other teams, so WebDev can be thought of as a supporter of other teams.

The Media Team

Tools: Blender, Inkscape, Gimp, ja Krita

The Media Team produces graphics, audio, and also does UI design. For the most part, The Media Team gets tasks from other projects. PSIL’s customers can also order from The Media Team.

The Social Media Team

Tools: Wordpress, HTML, Squarespace

The Social Media Team markets and raises awareness of Päivölä School of Mathematics, updates PSIL’s and Päivölä’s web pages, takes care of PSIL’s and Päivölä’s social media such as Instagram and writes blog posts about significant events in Päivölä School of Mathematics.

The Chess Camera

Fall of 2015 –

Tools: Java, C, HTML / JavaScript / CSS, NodeJS, WebSocket-protocol

The Chess Camera (Fin. Shakkikamera) is a computer program that can keep track of chess games with a camera above the chess board. The Chess Camera can be used, for example, in chess competitions to automatically save chess games and upload them to the Internet.

The Sub

Fall of 2016 -

Tools: Godot, C++

The Submarine Game is a multiplayer computer game. In the game, players control a realistically moving submarine to achieve various strategic goals, such as sinking a ship without getting caught.


Spring of 2021 -

Tools: C++, JavaScript

JES is a fast-paced platform game that works in a web browser. In the game, the character(s) race through levels and complete missions. The game can be played by multiple players at the same time. The game graphics and music are made by PSIL.


Fall of 2015 - 2021

Tools: Unity

Visuality is a free mobile game where your objective is to gracefully move your player object through musical courses consisting of constantly moving obstacles.

Development of the game began in the fall of 2015 and the project was picked up again in 2020.

Advent Calendar 2020

Fall 2020

Tools: Wordpress

Advent Calendar 2020 is an online advent calendar with math, physics, chemistry and computer science exercises and a short Christmas story for every day. The purpose of the Advent Calendar 2020 is to promote the Päivölä School of Mathematics and give readers a more accurate picture of students’ daily lives.

Advent Calendar 2020 was made by Social Media Team, WebDev, Media Team and members of other teams.

For Health

Fall of 2015 - Spring of 2016

Tools: JavaScript, CSS, HTML

The For Health (Fin. Terveydeksi) app is a demo designed to serve as a diary about personal health for a child with a long-term illness. The application gathers information about the illness and the health status of users. The collected information can then be shown to a doctor or be otherwise examined afterwards. The basic idea of the demo could be applied to similar situations, where the goal is to gather information over a longer period of time.

In the resulting demo, an adult, such as the guardian of the child, assigns questions to the app, that the child themselves then answers to. For example, one might ask: “Have you been feverish?” or “How tired do you feel?” The child answers these questions in the app daily and is rewarded for it. They get a puzzle piece, which motivates the child to gather information about their health the next day as well. This also gives the child a routine for daily health monitoring.

Continuous monitoring can be used to spot patterns in the user’s responses and to see significant fluctuations in their health status. Although the app is intended for monitoring the health of the chronically ill, the user can keep a diary of what they want.


Spring of 2016

Tools: Python, Javascript

The project uses small devices powered by button batteries, which provide temperature data, among other things. The goal is to add graphs to the previous work to facilitate temperature monitoring. In addition to being movable in the interface, nodes can now also be renamed and filtered.

The Online Store

Spring of 2016

Tools: Java, Javascript, AngularJS

An online store was ordered from PSIL. The online store was made suitable for the customers needs.

The Crossbreeding Game

Spring of 2016

Tools: JavaScript, Python, HTML, Go

The Crossbreeding Game teaches the player the classic heredity. In the game, the player crosses dragons for different races and challenges.


Fall of 2016

Tools: Javascript, Python, Flask, Aurelia, SQL

The group is making a tool for documenting interfaces. The tool can be used to describe what kind of requests can be sent to the interface.