About us

Päivölä Student Innovation Lab (PSIL) is a workplace for over twenty skilled and enthusiastic high school students. We plan and carry out projects based on our customers’ needs. We are experienced in software development, testing, mathematical modeling and gamification. We offer our clients modern, easy-to-use solutions. Our team works 12 hours a week in our office at Päivölä, Valkeakoski. Our diverse backgrounds and interests together with expertise make it possible for us to carry out projects amidst various subjects.

PSIL was established as a place for students of Päivölä School of Mathematics to do internships and learn on the job. We strive to learn new skills by doing, and at the same time we are gaining valuable work experience. Most of us are doing our high school studies in a school of mathematics, where, as a specialty, we delve deeper into mathematical subjects, including programming. On the job we get to put into practice the things we have studied. Our workdays, in turn, stimulate school life and provide experience, i.e. teach teamwork, project management and, in particular, adapting to new situations.

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